Program Progress Reporting

Simplify Program Administration

Collect the information you need, when you need it, to manage your program more effectively.

Manage Program Income and Expenses

OnCorps Reports™ financial reports help program administrators manage federal, state, and private grants. Standard reports include Periodic Expense Reports, Income/Matching Funds Reports, Budget Modification Requests, In-Kind Hours and Donations.

Demonstrate Community Impact

Monitor program progress using Direct Service, Volunteer Mobilization, Performance Data Elements, and Member Development reports. Collect Great Stories, exchange Best Practices, share Success & Challenges, and report on progress toward Performance Measures.

We update our forms and reports annually to align with CNCS policy initiatives, and add filters and dashboard tools to help you manage your data.

Progress Report Features

  • Performance Measure Progress
  • Progress in CNCS Initiative Areas & Impact Narratives
  • Financial Reports (PER, FFR, Modify Budget, Income and Match reports)
  • Performance Data Elements (aligned with eGrants form)
  • Great Stories & Best Practices
  • Volunteer Mobilization
  • Successes and Challenges
  • Member Recruiting
  • Member Hours

“We have found OnCorps to be a very effective and reliable system for managing programmatic and financial aspects of AmeriCorps funding at both the program and State Commission levels. OnCorps staff have also been very responsive and effective in completing several custom projects we have requested for our use of the system.”

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